Instructions for use Wow Bust

Wow Bust - general features and information

Derivative form: cream tube

Purpose: breast augmentation

Volume: 50 ml

Wow Bust is a professional cream for breast augmentation. Plus one size for daily use for 30 days. In addition, it has healing effects, does not cause side effects, skin allergies.

Scientific studies and clinical trials on volunteers have confirmed the effectiveness of the cream, the effect is very positive and there are no negative effects. For manufacturing, high quality raw materials that are safe for the female body are used. The main composition is natural ingredients from plants.

Active ingredients: wheat germ oil, avocado oil, shea butter (shea butter).

In addition to breast augmentation, the cream restores and corrects the shape of the breast, restores skin elasticity, eliminates the signs of age-related changes and prevents its appearance.

Wow Bust versatile. Suitable for girls and women of all ages, 21 years and above. This app is equally effective regardless of age, race and genetic predisposition.

Breast augmentation cream - instructions for use

Small breasts or you just want a bigger size, but the services of a plastic surgeon are expensive, unsafe surgery. . . Wow Bust Cream is the ideal solution for all girls and women who want to enlarge their breasts and make it more attractive. In addition to the fact that during the 30 days of daily use, the breasts will increase to a full size, this cream has the following effects:

  • lift the chest
  • restores skin elasticity
  • removes stretch marks.

Wow Bust is a good purchase to safely enlarge breasts, regain the attractiveness of women after age-related changes or after childbirth.

We caught your attention! in the Philippines, you can buy Wow Bust cream only through the official website of our manufacturer. Beware of ineffective counterfeiting.

Instructions on how to use creams for effective results

how to use Wow Bust cream for effective breast augmentation

Apply a little cream first on one and then on the second breast. Apply only on previously cleansed skin. For quick results, follow a simple sequence technique.

Massage each breast in turn using Wow Bust cream. Perform the movement slowly, clockwise. Start from around the nipple, gradually increasing the diameter of the massage circle. Massage with one hand and support your chest like a cup with the other hand.

To increase breast size by one measure, apply cream and massage twice a day for 30 days. To achieve better results, continue the same course for up to two to three months. It is permissible to use creams to prevent age-related breast deterioration and maintain its shape - once a day in the evening

No contraindications. The exception is individual intolerance to one of the components in the composition, which is not stated during research and testing. Also - you should not use creams during pregnancy and lactation, if you have diseases of the mammary glands.